Cloud Made Clear Overview

CloudMadeClearTM provides organizations with the best price to performance recommendations for running their applications in public clouds. Organizations deal with tens of millions of combinations of VM instances from several providers, each with its own set of variables like size, price, geo availability, pricing terms, OS, disk type etc. to name a few. CloudMadeClear cuts through complexity and de-mystifies public cloud costs so that organizations can significantly reduce their cloud costs and increase productivity by eliminating resource overprovisioning and wastage for VM instances, and deploying apps in VM instances with the best price-performance fit.

CloudMadeClear accomplishes this by cataloging tens of millions of cloud VM instances in real-time, using large-scale analyses to compare and benchmark VM instances, building a unique scoring system and standardizing cost and performance comparisons across providers. It then provides recommendations on the choice of cloud for apps that delivers the best performance for the app while delivering the lowest cost. As new instances are added, CloudMadeClear rolls them into its analyses automatically.

While CloudMadeClear handles the enormous complexity and scale required, organizations have a simple way to compare costs, optimize their deployments and ensure that they are getting the best bang for their buck when deploying their apps – potentially saving hundreds of thousands or even millions from their IT spending!